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BackgroundsUSA™ offers full background screening services. Below you will find information for Employers, as well as information on Criminal background searches, and Credit background searches.




Background Screening Services

BackgroundsUSA™ provides the following screening services. Search by type of information required, or see our suggested searches according to your basic industry grouping.


For more information on background screening, click on: The Basics: Why Screen?

Employment Screening

BackgroundsUSA™ can work with you to customize a background screening and employment application process, to help relieve you of much of the burden of hiring. Many employers outsource the following background screening functions to Backgrounds USA. However, we can do as much or as little as you require in your hiring process.

Criminal Screening

If an employer fails to search for previous criminal activity and an employee with a prior criminal history commits a crime on the job, the employer can be held liable. It is recommended that a criminal records search be ordered on all employees. The law allows employers to use public record information, including criminal records, as part of their hiring process. However, one of the most confusing aspects of background screening is the criminal justice system, as there is no one national criminal database. Each state, each county, each federal jurisdiction, maintains its own records, reporting standards and charges.

Credit Screening

Theft and white collar business crime make up a large percentage of the criminal caseload in America each year. Poor credit ratings, as well as personal and business bankruptcy rates have also increased dramatically over the past decade. Protect your business by ensuring the creditworthiness of your employees, associates, and business clients.


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