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  Social Security (SSN)
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Employment Screening

BackgroundsUSA™ can work with you to customize a background screening and employment application process, to help relieve you of much of the burden of hiring. Many employers outsource the following background screening functions to Backgrounds USA. However, we can do as much or as little as you require in your hiring process.

Following is a list of the background searches typically run for employment screening purposes, with a brief description. For more information on each search, use the navigation headings to the left or click on the search title in the table below:

Employment Verification

Verify dates of service, position(s) held and ending pay scale. Ascertain whether the applicant was full or part-time, a temporary or permanent employee, and if drug screening was performed. Understand the reason for leaving their last position, if notice was given, and if they are eligible for rehire. (learn more)

Education Verification

Verify dates of attendance, periods of absence, levels completed, area of emphasis, degree(s) awarded, and honors received. Some institutions will not release transcripts or course grades. (learn more)


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