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Backgrounds USA offers the following personal and business credit searches.  Business Credit reports are available instantly online.  To protect consumers, personal credit reports can only be run for employment purposes with a signed release, after a one-time employer site survey has been conducted.




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CREDIT - Credit Reports & Bankruptcies

Theft and white collar business crime make up a large percentage of the criminal caseload in America each year.  Poor credit ratings, as well as personal and business bankruptcy rates have also increased dramatically over the past decade.  Protect your business by ensuring the creditworthiness of your employees, associates, and business clients.


Following is a list of the personal and business credit searches we perform, with a brief description.  For more information on each search, use the navigation headings to the left or click on the search title in the table below

Personal Credit Reports                   (15 minutes (RUSH) to 24 hours)
Obtain complete credit history for 7 years, detailed demographic information, a synopsis of critical information, predictions of the individual’s future credit risk, warning if the social security number has been used in fraudulent activities, public record information including civil judgments, tax liens, bankruptcies, and inquiry activity.  A signed release is required.  [more]
Bankruptcy Reports                          (24 hours)
A bankruptcy filing search at the court records level, searched by state.   [more]
Business Credit Reports                    (INSTANT)
A seven-section report, including executive summary, payment history, credit granted, public record data (e.g., bankruptcies, tax liens, judgments), UCC profile, company background, Standard & Poor’s information, and a history of dealings with the federal government.  [more]



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