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BackgroundsUSA™ offers full background screening services. Below you will find information for Employers, as well as information on Criminal background searches, Credit background searches, and recommendations for searches according to industry.




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Site Inspection Requirements  

NEW REQUIREMENTS - Site Inspections Due to some well-publicized breaches of the credit bureaus databases, where unauthorized people have posed as legitimate employers and landlords in order to gain access to employees and tenants personal credit files, the main credit bureaus have instigated some changes.

If you want to access the Personal Credit History of a prospective tenant or employee, then we will have to conduct a site inspection before we can process the request.

Please do not be alarmed. This is not as invasive as it sounds. We have site inspection companies located across the US that provide this service on behalf of the credit bureaus. A reputable company will come to interview you. They will ask a few required questions and have you sign the form. Once this has been done, you may continue to order personal credit histories for tenant or employment reasons. THIS ONLY HAS TO BE DONE ONCE.

The upfront initial cost for this survey is a one-time charge of $75.

This is not a money-making exercise for us. Please understand that this site inspection is a very recent requirement that is designed to make everyone's credit information safer. It is as quick and simple as we can make it, and it is required of everyone who orders Personal Credit Histories through our company.

Thank you for your understanding, and if you have ordered from us in the past, please contact Ann Hicks at 303-398-3222 so she can review your account and see what is required in your individual case.


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