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Backgrounds USA is a full-service employment screening company based in Denver, Colorado. We provide a modern internet based interface for the fastest service. Alternatively we accept phone and fax orders. See below for our Terms and Conditions. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the policies and conditions outlined below.




Forms and Information

Following are .pdf links to the various forms utilized by our company, as well as forms required to register as a new corporate user.  Below you will also find html and .pdf text of the Fair Credit Reporting Act as it applies to Credit Reporting Agencies,  text of Title One of the Americans with Disabilities Act, text of the Privacy Act of 1974, the Freedom of Information Act section 552, and our Copyright information.



  1. New Client Form required to set up a new Corporate account

  2. Terms of User Agreement Form required to set up a new Corporate account

  3. User Agreement for Employment Credit Verification required for employers wishing to run personal credit reports for employment screening purposes

  4. New Employer Personal Credit Record Application Pack:  .pdf pack of forms 1-3

  5. Consent Form/Signed Release Form required for employment verification, some criminal records searches, personal credit searches.

  6. Affiliate Agreement Form required to set up an Affiliate relationship

  7. SSA Consent for Release of Information Form required for contact with SSA

  8. Virginia Criminal History Record Form required for Virginia State Criminal records searches



  1. Fair Credit Reporting Act for Consumer Reporting Agencies (.pdf format)

  2. Title One of Americans with Disabilities Act (.pdf fomat)

  3. Privacy Act of 1974

  4. Freedom of Information Act

  5. Copyright Information



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