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Protect your company by performing a credit check and reduce the risk of workplace theft.





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CREDIT - Personal Credit Report

Theft is the number one crime in America. If your employees have access to company finances, cash, valuable merchandise, expensive equipment or other peopleís possessions, you canít afford not to run this report. If you are in the Property Management business and are responsible for other peopleís assets, be certain that those who have access, such as employees, tenants or customers, are not "motivated" to acquire some of these assets. Individuals who are seriously in debt could pose a security risk. In addition, individuals who are late in paying their financial obligations are also more likely to have the same laisse-faire attitude toward business obligations.  As well, personal financial problems could effect job performance.


Backgrounds USA provides full credit reports which are presented in an easy to read and understand format. These reports include a complete credit history for seven years, detailed demographic information, a synopsis of critical information, predictions of the individualís future credit risk, warning if the social security number has been used in fraudulent activities, public record information including, civil judgments, tax liens, and bankruptcies and inquiry activity. In addition, these reports provide previous addresses and previous employer information.


This report is invaluable for confirming demographic information, detailing financial performance, highlighting fraudulent activities, validating social security numbers and announcing if the information provided is suspect (i.e., the address provided is a prison, a mail receiving service, or a post office, etc., or the social security number has never been issued, or is for a deceased person or has been reported misused).  We can also fax to you a summary sheet on each agency, if desired.


Please note:

In order to protect consumers against fraudulent credit report generation, Backgrounds USA must perform an Employer Site Survey.  This can usually be scheduled in a matter of days. Please [click here] to download the .pdf forms required. For more information about Site Inspections (otherwise known as an Employer Site Survey), please click HERE.


Once an employer is set up to generate reports, a [signed release] from the applicant is required for each report. The Fair Credit Reporting Act states that a credit report may only be ordered on an individual:


     1. For employment purposes.

     2. For a justified business purpose.

     3. For the purpose of underwriting insurance for the individual.

     4. For the extension of credit or for collection purposes.

     5. In response to a court order from a court having proper jurisdiction.

     6. In response to written instructions from the individual.


We highly recommend that your company have a written policy specifically defining unacceptable characteristics to avoid discrimination and arbitrary selection. Please be advised that a credit report inquiry will appear on future reports and the individual can determine who, when and why the report was ordered.

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