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Search for personal bankruptcy records by state, for positions dealing with company finances, assets or personal property.

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CREDIT - Bankruptcy Report

Bankruptcy Reports are searched through the court records filed for each state.  Records are recorded for individuals who either voluntarily or involuntarily file for bankruptcy, including chapter 7, 11, 12 and 13 petitions.


Often a court will report a bankruptcy to one credit reporting agency but not to all three.  In order to be certain if there is a bankruptcy on file, running a Bankruptcy Report will provide this information.  Please note that an bankruptcy report will only contain information on bankruptcies filed and will not contain other credit information such as comprehensive information on lines of credit, payment history, etc.  The information contained in a bankruptcy report will be as follows:

  • Debtor name

  • Debtor address

  • Filing date

  • Court

  • Judge name (or initials)

  • Case number

  • File type

  • Record type

  • Asset and Pro Se indicators

The full text of the bankruptcy filing is not included in this report.


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