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Conducting a criminal records search as part of your background screening process can help you ensure your work environment is safe for your employees.

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There are federal, municipal, county and state level civil cases. A state civil court records search is one of the primary reports that all employers should utilize in order to understand the true character of an individual. It gives an in-depth picture of the actions of individuals who may prove to be litigious in the future, and reveals what state civil court actions they have been involved in up to the present time. The civil court record search is useful for both prospective hires and current employees to assist in creating and maintaining a safe, productive and harassment free work environment.
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Civil cases represent disagreements between two or more parties (e.g., corporations, governmental bodies, private citizens and other organizations) and ordinarily seek to recover a certain sum of money.  These cases typically revolve around:

  • property damage

  • personal injury

  • liability suits

  • tenant-landlord

  • employer-employee conflicts

  • restraining orders

  • sexual harassment

  • personal rights

  • contract disputes

  • evictions

  • workman’s compensation

The civil court record databases are just one way to discover if an individual or a company has been involved in any litigation


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