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Conducting a criminal records search as part of your background screening process can help you ensure your work environment is safe for your employees.

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Nearly half of the criminal records in the US are housed in the US District Court.  These records represent cases brought by the Federal Government against an individual or corporation for actions in violation of Federal Laws. There are 241 US District Courts, with each state housing one to four federal district courts. 
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Mail fraud, arson, interstate drug trafficking and the like are the types of cases stored in the Federal courthouses. Drug crime alone accounted for 30% of filings in 2002 (Source: USCourts.gov), followed by immigration cases at 17.8% and fraud cases at 11.8%. Federal criminal records searches are performed by Federal District Court (of which there are 94 within the 50 states).

NOTE: Federal Criminal Records only record crimes against Federal Law.  The Federal Criminal Record search is not a nationwide search.  Records are recorded at each Federal district and must be searched per Federal district.

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