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Conducting a criminal records search as part of your background screening process can help you ensure your work environment is safe for your employees.

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CRIMINAL - County Criminal Records

There are approximately 3,300 counties in the United States, with literally billions of records available at the municipal and county district level. These records represent cases brought against a corporation or individual for actions considered as acts against society.  County cases are classified as felonies (i.e., severe crimes such as murder) and misdemeanors (i.e., moderate crimes such as theft), and they are not reported at the federal level.


Access to these records is relatively easy to obtain; and releases are not generally required.  Searches are based on name, and when possible date of birth and social security number.  Turnaround times are fast (e.g., 90% are back in 48 hours or less). Records usually go back 7 years. If you need to go back further, please call us. Older county records may be archived and it may take longer and be more costly to process your request.
Unlike most of our competitors we advertise our prices right up front during the ordering process. There are no games, we give you an estimated price, and then the exact price when you have completed all the details needed for the order. You do not have to battle your way through sales people to get and account set up and obtain the records and results that you need. Click HERE to start a record search or background check, or use the link at the top of this page!


There is a long list of crimes that are recorded at the county level. For a more complete list of these offenses and other information, click here. 


The lengthy list below is designed to give you an idea of the types of crimes that might be found if a search for County Criminal Court Records was performed


Abortion crimes

Abuse of a public official

Accessory to a crime

Advocating overthrow of government

Aggravated assault

Aiding escape

Animal fighting

Any drug related charge (possession, paraphernalia, etc.)

Any sex related charge (assault, molestation, etc.)

Arming rioters



Assault during escape

Attempt to influence a public servant

Bail bond violation



Bribery tampering

Bribing a juror

Bribing a witness or a victim


Carrying concealed weapon

Child abuse

Child abuse where death or injury results

Compensation for past official behavior

County court appeal

Crimes against at-risk adults or juvenile

Criminal conspiracy

Criminal libel

Criminal mischief

Criminal non-support

Cruelty to animals

Disarming a police officer

Driving under suspension

Driving under the influence

Driving while ability impaired

Driving while intoxicated

Drug offenses


Endangering public transportation

Engaging in criminal usury


Ethnic intimidation resulting in bodily injury


False or misleading information (e.g., in an investigation)

False report of explosives, weapons, or harmful substances


Felony arson

Felony eavesdropping

Felony kidnapping

Fighting by agreement/dueling

Financing criminal usury

Firearms, explosives, or incendiary devices in facilities or public transportation



Fraud to obtain controlled substance

Fugitive from justice

Fugitive statute


Gambling information-repeat offender

Habitual child abuse

Habitual criminal

Habitual traffic offender

Hazardous waste violations

Holding hostages


Illegal discharge of firearm

Impersonation (e.g., of an officer, etc.)


Inciting a riot

Inciting destruction of life or property


Interstate compact

Intimidating a juror

Introducing contraband in the 1st or 2nd degree

Issuing a false certification

Jury tampering



Miscellaneous offenses


Misuse of official information

Money laundering

Motor vehicle

Municipal court appeal

Municipal ordinance


Obstruction of justice

Offenses involving communications

Offenses related to judicial other proceedings

Perjury in the 1st degree

Personal pecuniary gains or conflicts of interest



Possession of contraband in the 1st degree

Possession of dangerous or illegal weapon

Possession of gambling device of record

Possession of weapons by previous offenders

Procurement of child for sexual exploitation

Professional gambling

Prohibited wire-tapping


Prostitution with knowledge of being infected with AIDS

Public indecency

Public peace and order, disturbing


Restraining order (e.g., not adhering to)

Retaliation against a witness or a victim



Sex offense



Suppressed case


Tampering with a witness or a victim

Tampering with physical evidence

Terrorist training activities


Trafficking in children



Uniform commercial code violations

Unlawful distribution, manufacturing, scale or possession of a controlled substance

Unlawful entry by excluded and ejected persons

Unlawful ownership of dangerous dogs

Unlawful use of controlled substance

Unlawful use of information

Use of a stun gun

Vehicular assault

Vehicular eluding

Vehicular homicide

Violation of bail bond conditions

Weapons possession

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