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Conducting a criminal records search as part of your background screening process can help you ensure your work environment is safe for your employees.

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Backgrounds USA can provide county corrections/prison records for virtually all of the more than 3,500 counties in the US.  The records are obtained by our researchers directly from the relevant county jail. Nearly every county in the US is available, although local bylaws and regulations can place certain restrictions on the type of information received. We try to keep abreast of local rules, but with such a large number of counties in the US there may be differences and changes in the local laws that we are not currently aware of.


The information that is released can vary widely from county to county, but it usually includes information such as name, age, and register number, as well as sentencing and confinement data (e.g., offense, date sentenced, institution of confinement, etc.). If you wish to verify that anyone, even a family member or direct relative, has been convicted of a lesser crime (i.e., not a felony), then a county prison record search should bring to light any records that they might have at the County Jail level. The range of crimes for which inmates can be sentenced to county jails can vary widely from minor misdemeanors to murder. Inmates sentenced to work release or other supervised programs are detained in county jails.
Unlike most of our competitors we advertise our prices right up front during the ordering process. There are no games, we give you an estimated price, and then the exact price when you have completed all the details needed for the order. You do not have to battle your way through sales people to get and account set up and obtain the records and results that you need. Click HERE to start a record search or background check, or use the link at the top of this page!


NOTE: If the person that you are searching on is currently in prison, but their trial or court proceedings are still in progress, or in the process of being adjudicated, and if the person has not posted bail, this will not show up on their record. Until they are convicted, their prison record will not appear.




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