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Verify an applicant's previous employment.  Check as many past employers as required by your company's employment policy.

Employment verification
  Education verification
  Certification verification
  Personal reference
  Driving records (MVR)
  Social Security (SSN)
  Workers compensation
  Drug Screening




Employment Verification

Upwards of 30% of all employment applications and resumes are exaggerated in some form or fashion. Individuals most often lie about dates of employment to conceal times of unemployment or positions from which they were fired. Many exaggerate their educational and professional accomplishments; some try to disguise irresponsible work patterns and a few attempt to hide a criminal history.


Our researchers will contact as many prior employers as required and verify the following:

  • dates of service

  • positions held

  • ending pay scale

  • whether they are full or part time

  • whether the position was temporary or permanent

  • if drug screening was performed

  • if notice was given when they left a past position

  • the reason for leaving the position

  • whether they are eligible for rehire.

 Backgrounds USA requires the company name, and the contact name, phone number and location. Occasionally a signed release is required. Ninety percent of results are available within 24 hours


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