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Verify an applicant’s social security number to protect against fraud or to reveal attempts to hide past credit or criminal activities.

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EMPLOYMENT - Social Security (SSN)

There are approximately 4 million illegal aliens in the United States and over a million criminals at large. The cost in INS fines ($250-$10,000+), hiring and training expenses and potential liability, far outweigh the nominal search fee. Individuals who wish to conceal information will use multiple social security numbers, dates of birth and aliases. Many criminals will transpose numbers to hide a less than perfect history.


Backgrounds USA uses a social security number, name and date of birth in different combinations to find aliases, use of multiple social security numbers, and identity of illegal aliens. The report contains the following information:

  • verification that the number is valid

  • information regarding state and year of issue

  • age of issuee

  • status as to whether the issuee is living or deceased

  • other names which have been used in association with this number

  • addresses associated with this number for the past 5-7 years

  • whether this number has been used in fraudulent activities.

In order to return reliable background screening results, you should verify an applicant’s social security number to help expose identity fraud, which makes this one of the first reports to be requested. Backgrounds USA will notify you if any discrepancies or warning signals arise.


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