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Conduct a motor vehicle driving record search.  This is an essential search if your employees drive company or personal cars for work-related activities.

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EMPLOYMENT - Driving Records (MVR)

Nearly 50% of the individuals on the road have received at least one moving violation. Over a million people were injured in alcohol related accidents last year. Nearly 42,000 people were killed last year in automobile accidents and an estimated 10% of the drivers on the road do not have a valid license. In the litigious environment in which we live, liability passes from employee to employer.


State motor vehicle reports provide a record of all moving violations and driving related offenses committed for the past three to seven years depending upon the state. They also include such personal data as full name, date of birth, address at the time the license was issued or renewed, date of issue and date of expiration, physical description, type of license, previous license number and restrictions on use. Some states indicate whether another license was surrendered at the time of application. Most states record any infraction involving drugs or alcohol, as a permanent item in a driverís motor vehicle record.


If you are entrusting your employee to transport merchandise or people, in your vehicle or theirs, a history of their performance behind the wheel is critical. Failure to obtain this information has been deemed to be negligent. Twenty percent of the individuals with driving record violations are repeat offenders. In addition, the basic personal information presented in this search can be extremely useful in cross-checking personal data provided by the applicant


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