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Verify an applicant's previous education to help ensure they meet the requirements of a position.

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EMPLOYMENT - Education Verification

Nearly one quarter of the information individuals supply regarding education, dates of attendance, degrees, and institution is false or embellished.


Backgrounds USA will verify the following information:

  • dates of attendance

  • periods of absence

  • levels completed

  • area of emphasis

  • degrees awarded

  • honors received.

Some educational institutions will not release transcripts or course grades. With respect to certifications, training and licenses: Backgrounds USA verifies license types, issue and expiration dates, training necessary to be awarded the license, current status, and the name of the issuing administration. Click on Certification verification at left for more information on this search.


Numerous positions require special education, training, and/or licenses. If mandatory for the position, assure that the proper course work was completed, that the examination was passed, that the license was obtained and that the license is still valid. Pre-screening in this area can lower turnover, reduce training costs and maximize performance


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