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WHO ARE WE? - Backgrounds USA is a full-service professional employment screening company based in Denver, Colorado. We provide a modern online management system for the fastest  and most efficient service. We also accept phone and fax orders. See below for a complete list of the screening services we provide. Call us with your special needs and let us configure a custom screening package that is exclusively developed to meet your needs.
Please Note: Due to recent changes made by the major credit bureaus we may have to perform a site inspection on your premises. This is ONLY required if we are providing personal credit information on a prospective employee. This is NOT required for record searches for criminal, civil, bankruptcy etc. Click HERE for more information.

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 Backgrounds USA

   1760 Gaylord Street
   Denver CO 80206


Updated: 06.24.2013


offers all the background screening services that are listed below. Whether your employment screening requirements are complex or straightforward, give us a call at 1.800.315.7678, and let us help you design a screening package that is customized to your requirements.

Employment Screening


was awarded its GS Schedule in 2010, and received its first GSA contract in the same year! We are a registered and certified DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise), and are currently applying for our 8A and HUD status through the City and County of Denver. Through our schedule we offer a full range of background screening services, as well as access to all Public (Criminal, DMV, Civil) and Vital Records (birth, marriage, death and divorce), as shown in the section below. If you are interested in partnering with us, or contacting us for more information on our GSA schedule and service, then please call our GSA representative, Ann Hicks at 303.398.3222.


Employment verification

Instant Criminal records

Personal credit report


Education verification

Criminal records-State

Bankruptcy (Civil Record)

Find a Person

Certification verification

Criminal records-Federal


Vital records

Personal reference

Criminal records-County


Birth certificates

Driving record

Civil records-State


Death certificates

Social security verification

Civil records-Federal


Marriage certificates

Worker's comp. record

Civil records-County


Divorce records

Drug screening










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